Founded in Slovakia by Daniela Mačuhová and Peter Baroš.

Maccu is a personal reflection of everyday life affected by modern culture, art, people and any form of love. It started as a concept, that would work as an extension of our architectural practice into fashion - it’s also an escape from the architect's daily work routine. The modernist movement is our great source of inspiration, for its guiding theories as valid now as it was back then: forms follow function and truth to materials. These principles of timeless, durable, functional, comfortable and intuitive approach, that we work with in architecture, we also apply to fashion. 


Maccu is about designs, that you would love to wear day after day, clothes that you can always come back to. Make it your own and create looks that suit your personal style. With heels or sneakers, casual or fancy.


Maccu is designed and made in Slovakia, in our studio & tailoring factory. The collection is represented by classic, timeless cuts with attention to detail, emphasis on tailoring, and local, custom-developed fabrics. We always add new pieces to collection in drops, regardless of the seasons. Products remain in the collection until the last piece is sold. This way we can slow down, focus on each design and add it to the collection after careful consideration and processing - and as a result, minimize excess production.