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’’My name is Daniela Mačuhová ‘MACCU’, I’m 90’s girl, architect, I like mid-century modern, timeless fashion, high waisted pants & oversized (t-)shirts.’’

Founded in 2022, in  Slovakia, by Daniela Mačuhová and Peter Baroš.

We created this brand for everyone, who feels confident in their body, who is not afraid to show what they've got. Make it your own and create looks that suit your personal style. With heels or sneakers, casual or fancy.

Our products are characterised by highly elaborated cuts & made in premium fabrics and accessories. We primarily use materials produced in Slovakia, with respect to environmental sustainability.

Maccu is a new era of our family tailoring manufactory, established in 1992 by Daniela's father.

Our products, studio & tailoring manufactory

Every single piece is designed by Daniela, in MACCU studio, at Palackého 14, 811 02 Bratislava.

During opening hours, or by appointment, you can come here to pick up your order or come to have a look at, touch and try things on.

"The whole of Maccu is designed in the style of a capsule wardrobe, from which you can gradually assemble a timeless wardrobe from quality pieces," says Daniela Mačuhová.

A new model requires a lot of sketches, sewn samples, searching for suitable material and finally, we try it by wearing it repeatedly. We work with classic cuts, which we refine, test on samples so that the final cut fits nicely and highlights the figure. We work on each model for 6-12 months until we are finally satisfied with the result.


We use premium materials - noble wool, certified and organic materials. We mainly cooperate with local, Slovak and Czech knitting and weaving manufactories, where we create our own, unique materials. We also use deadstock fabrics (leftovers, small unwanted pieces of fabrics from large-scale production) for limited editions in just a few pieces. Small accessories such as horn buttons, which we like for their quality, are made for us by craftsmen in small local workshops.

The sustainability of our products is achieved by a timeless cut, high-quality material and accessories, and precise tailoring, which is ensured by a skilled team of seamstresses with many years of experience in the field. Maccu is a new era of the family tailoring manufactory, which was founded in 1992 by Daniela's father. From the sample to the final form, we work here on every single piece.

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